Warranty  & Service

Dear customers,

IFM does not provide its own warranties on goods, but passes on the warranty provided by the suppliers. So that we can provide the suppliers with the information that they need, prior to you contacting the supplier directly make sure that you have the following information available.

·         Model number

·         Serial number

·         IFM purchase invoice number / date

As mentioned on our sales invoice, IFM is a distributor of selected brand names. Our warranty limitations extend to the manufactures warranty that applies to those goods.

·         Warranty is supplied during normal working hours - Monday to Friday (Except on public holidays). Should warranty work be requested outside our normal working hours, an after hours service fee will apply.

·         A proof of purchase must be supplied prior to any warranty work.

·         IFM accepts no responsibility for loss or damage due to machinery fault or breakdown.

Prior to contacting any service agent, please check the following trouble shooting procedures:

If unit is unsafe or dangerous in any way, you must turn off or disconnect and discontinue using the unit IMMEDIATELY.

Trouble shooting:

1.    Check to see the power is on (Make sure the plug is not out of the wall /circuit breaker has not tripped ).

2.    If refrigeration unit, check to see if the condenser is blocked with dust, etc. If blocked, turn off unit and vacuum or clean condenser.

3.    If unit uses water, example ice maker, make sure water is switched on, power , drains not blocked.

4.    For gas appliances check gas is on, burners arn’t blocked etc.

5.    If units have safety micro-switches, make sure unit has been assembled correctly after cleaning.

6.    If unsure, disconnect the unit and call a technician.





NB: Service charges will apply and will be required to be paid at time of service. For out of warranty items, please call the following numbers:


V S Refrigeration (Danny) : 0421 636 643

Joe - Gas Fitter for gas fitting and plumbing problems : 0408 327 854

Moshi Brothers (Alex) - Canopy repairs services : 0412 231 435

IFM contact representative : 0412 339 735-John /

Tim Coolman : 0423646522-Refrigeration

(Metin Telci)- 0423 077 242 For all emergency / out of warranty services please call Metin


Brands & Contacts

Australian Bakery & Pizza- 03 9878 6900 IGF, Forni Italia, Atlas, Garbin, OEM, Rollfix, Bull

B & S Commercial Kitchen Appliances- 03 9469 4754 B & S Commercial Appliances

Birko Heaters Aust P/L- 1300 724 955 Birko Branded Appliances

Bromic Pty Ltd- 1800 655 212 Icematic, Jordeau, Bromic

Brice Australia Pty Ltd- 03 9888 7125 Brice Branded Appliances

Comcater / CCE International P/L- 1800 810 161 Garland, Frymaster, Lincoln Impinger, Mareno Brema,Rational, Comenda,Trueheat, Mareno, Technomac, Menumaster, Dean, Winterhaulter, Brema

Cyclo Fans (Aust) P/L- 03 9383 6668 Canopy motor repairs

Hobart Food Equipment- 1300 130 625

Exquisite Marketing Australia- 03 9561 1595 Exquisite Branded Appliances

Food Service Machinery- 03 8645 2555 FSM Branded Appliances

Goldstein / Eswood- 02 9604 7333 / 0416 228 453 Goldstein Branded Appliances, Eswood Branded Appliances,Middlby Marshall

International Catering Equipment- 02 9517 1499 Anvil, IGP , Inomak, Hamilton Beach Everlasting, Orved Vacuum Sealer,Anvil,Musso,

LUUS Industries P/L- 1800 993 168 LUUS Branded Appliances

J.L.Lennard- 03 8598 6300 XLT Zanussi Henny Penny, Taylor, Frigomat

Moffat P/L- 03 9518 3888 Blue seal, Waldorf, Baker Perkins

Robot Coupe P/L- 02 9478 0300 Robot Coupe All Food Processor Branded Robot Coupe

Roband Australia P/L- 1800 268 848 or 03 9555 2612 Roband Branded Appliances

Semak Sales & Service- 03 9551 5896 Semak Branded Appliances

Sharpline Stainless Steel- 03 9354 0277 Sharpline Branded Appliances

Skope Australia P/L- 1800 121 535 Centaur, Peguses, SK Series, TME Series

Stoddart Metal Fabricators- 03 9543 9922 Koldtech, Woodson, Electrolux, Culinaire.

Silver Chef- 1800 064 431 Finance service providers

Uropa- 1300 503 043 –Polar , Thor, Apuro, Samsung, Ice o matic, Vitamix ,

Williams Refrigeration Aust- 03 8787 4747 Williams Branded Appliances